quick cup of coffee at quay, k?

was it a long week for anyone else? like, clearly i lived the same hours as you, but somehow mine just seemed longer this week. needless to say, T.G.I.F. but tomorrow morning. saturday. what are you doing? whatever it is, postpone it for like 30 minutes. i’d say wake up earlier, but it’s saturday, soooo…yeah no. now, if you’re anything like me and don’t get coffee within the hour of waking up, you’ll start molting and growing a second head. to avoid commencing your treasured saturday like that, peep this java joint… 



quay_sign ugh. i know. i want to pronounce it “kay” too, but noooOOOOoo, it’s pronounced “key”. probably because it has the “key” to my heart…sorry. this place is great. it’s all you need in a coffee shop – coffee. a simple menu. some patio seating. some comfy couches and seating insides. AND a quirky greeting card dispenser! like i said, their menu is simple, so if you want a quad-mocha-fraptastic-manny machado, don’t go here. but if you want a fabulously flavored coffee or latte, or if you’re all euro-hipster and want to just shoot a shooter of espresso, go here.

quay_menui ordered whatever the guy in front of me ordered because a). it looked pretty and 2). i didn’t want a full blown cup’a joe. what i ordered is called a gibraltar…which is basically a beautiful blend of espresso and milk. oh, speaking of milk, if you prefer almond milk, they have it. look it…

quay_gibraulteri mean, how good does that look? even on the hottest of summer days i would enjoy that.  wanna know something neat about that flashy milk design that i have no idea how a human can possibly do? it’s on a t-shirt and it’s like their trademark milk design – there’s gotta be a better word than milk design to describe what i’m referring to…coffee art? frappe freelance? milk design just sounds…odd. oh, oh, oh, oh…speaking of odd…all of their coffee is so good because their bean source is from oddly correct. if you live in kansas city and haven’t had a cup of oddly correct pour-over coffee, well, you haven’t lived at all. sh*t is dope. (i asterisksksksked a cuss word AND said dope in the same sentence…i challenge you to try that.)  they also have this super neat drip-down brewer thing that i need to share with you all:

quay_filterthere ya’ go. how neat is that? kiiiinda-sorta need one for ma’ house. never too early to start that christmas list! anyway, moral of this story is that at some point this weekend you need to go to Quay…k? get’chu some oddly correct goodness and seize that day of yours! yep. that’s about all i’ve got for this week. have a splendid weekend, all…cheers!



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